Membership allows you to associate accounts to a Group within an Account Group Field.

If the Account Membership is Manual, on the Membership tab, you canĀ either:

  • Move accounts to another group in the product group field
  • Add accounts to another group within the account group field
  • Remove accounts form all groups in the selected account group field

If the Account Membership is Automatic, you will be able to set rules based on survey questions and groups.

Editing Membership of Manual Groups
  1. Click on System Config > Account Types from the left menu.

  2. Scroll down the page to search for and select the Group Field you want to add accounts to.

  3. Go to the Membership tab.

  4. Find Accounts and select the accounts you would like to add/remove.

  5. Once the accounts have been selected, click on one of the options:
    - Move the Accounts to another Group
    - Add the Accounts to another Group
    - Remove Accounts from all Groups

  6. If you are adding or moving accounts, select the group for the accounts.

  7. Confirm your action.

Editing Membership of Automatic Groups
In the Membership tab of a Group Field:
  1. Select the Group you wish to add/edit a rule set for.

  2. To add a rule set, click on the Add Rule Set button.
    Each new Rule Set is an 'OR' rule. This means if an account meets the requirements of ANY of the rule sets, it will be a part of the group.

  3. You can choose to link accounts based on Survey Question answers (from the Store Check work item of a Call), or Groups.

  4. Choose a Group/Survey Question and click Add Rule to add the rule type.

  5. Once the rule type has been added, add as many rules as you wish.
    The rules are 'OR' rules, so if an account fits into ANY of the listed rules, they will be a member of the group.

  6. To create an 'AND' rule, add another Rule Type.

    Then add the 'AND' rule for the rule set.

  7. Remember to Save Changes to update the membership of groups.