1. Click on System Config > Account Types from the left menu.

  2. Choose the Account Type you would like your Account Field to appear in.

  3. Go to the Fields tab.

  4. Choose the page you could like the new field to appear in.

  5. Click Add Field.

  6. You can choose to create a brand new field or add a preexisting field from another Account Type to the one selected.
    a) If you wish to share a field, tick all the fields you would like added and click Add.
    b) If you want to create a new field, click on the Create a new Field tab.

  7. Choose the Field Type you would like to add.

    The type of fields Perenso offers are:
    - Structure: A Structure Field can be used to group your accounts together in a hierarchical manner. This can be used for things like State groups with Territories under it.
    - Other Email Address: This is an email field and allows you to enter other email addresses.
    - Other Phone Number: A fax number field that can be used to input other fax numbers.
    - Group: A Group Field can be used to group similar accounts together. This can be used for things like Grade.
    - Related ID: These are used to store other identifiers against an account that is used to interface with external systems. For example, if you are synchronising your accounts with your ERP system, this will be the account's identifier in the ERP system.
    - Custom - Text: A Custom Text Field allows you to enter a single line of text up to a 
    - Custom - Multi Line Text: A Custom Multi Line Field allows you to enter 1 or more lines of text in a 'notes' style format.
    - Custom - Number: A Custom Number Field allows you to enter a number with or without any decimal places.
    - Custom - Date: This field allows you to enter a date.
    - Custom - Pick from List: A Pick from List Custom Field can be used to select from a predetermined list of option.

  8. Enter a Description.
    You have the option to base the field settings on an existing field if you wish to do so.

  9. Add Field when you are happy with your new field.

The field will now be successfully be added to the Account Type.
If you chose 'Group' as the new field, click on the following articles for more steps on how to add accounts to the group:
Adding a Group to an Account Group Field
Adding/Removing Accounts from a Group

If you added a 'Structure' field, you can have a look at the article Account Types - Structures for more information about adding groups.