Accessing Ranging Group

  1. From the Perenso Adminstrator home page, click on Ranging Groups.

  2. From here you can either choose Create New Ranging Group or update an exiting group. 

Create New Ranging Group

  1. To Create New Ranging Group click on Create New Ranging Group

Adding Core Products to account

  1. To added the core products, click on the Products tab.
    A list of products will display for the selected account group.
    Core range can be selected by clicking in the display grid. All products will display as optional. 

  2. Click Off will change the display to Off.

  3. Click Core will change the display to Core.

  4. Click Optional will change the display to Optional.
    Note: to mass update all products for accounts, click With Selected, this will provide the option to Set all to Core, Set all to Optional and Set all to Off. 

  5. To save changes, click Save Changes.

Adding Visibility Rules to Ranging Group 

The 'Account' tab will allow you to set up which accounts can see this ranging group.
This is the same as the existing Visibility Rules in a number of other places in Perenso 9 Administrator (e.g. products, deal).

You can click here to limit account visibility.
If you do not have any account groups or visibility rules, you can read the article Creating a Visibility rule.