Add a New Objective

  1. Press the New Objective button.
    The button is located in the top right corner. A form will appear with several fields to complete.

  2. Enter in a description.
    Describe the required task.

  3. Enter in some notes.
    This step is optional.

  4. Set to Completed if already actioned.
    This step is optional. Turning this ON will set the objective status to Completed and will be omitted from the objectives list whenever the “incomplete” status filter is selected.

  5. Specify a due date if necessary.
    This step is optional.

  6. Set reminder if necessary.
    This step is optional.

  7. Add to Calendar app.
    This step is optional.
    Note: Must have access to calendar to enable this functionality.

  8. Select account to create the objective for.
    More than one account can be selected to save time. Use the search or filter options to narrow down the results.

  9. Assign objective to the appropriate user.
    By default the logged in user will be automatically selected.

  10. Press Save to add the objective.
    The objective should now be added successfully.

Edit an Objective
You can edit an objective by tapping on it to reveal the Edit button.

The option to delete an objective is only available within the Edit screen.
The Perenso Administrator can limit the editing of completed objectives.

You have the ability to set reminders so you can be notified when an objective is due.
This will help you keep track of your objectives and accomplish them in a timely manner.
You can create a new objective with a reminder or update an existing objecting to add a reminder.

Objectives with reminders will have a notification symbol next to the description of the task.